College and Hospital :

NEELGANGA AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & RESEARCH CENTRE, Ayugram Yerbagh Campus. This Institute is spacious and fully equipped with all the modern amenities including laboratories, lecture halls, auditorium and offices as per the Minimum standard requirements of Central Council Indian Medicine (CCIM) norms.

The College building is a masterpiece of architecture basks in fine aesthetics and is very impressive. It has a beautiful statue of Lord Dhanvantari at entrance which is the god of health and imparts a serene and peaceful feelings in those who walk in.

  1. Reception
  2. Registration Counter
  3. Spacious OPD Complex each for every specialty with good seating arrangement for Doctors ,waiting hall for patients and relatives
  4. Indoor wards – clean, well equipped and manned
  5. Free medicines to Indoor and OPD Patients Diagnostic Facilities
  6. Bio- Medical waste Management
  7. Panchakarma centre Separate sections for male and female having well equipped snehana, swedana, vamana, virechna, basti, shirodhara, nasya, raktamokshana facility Keralian panchkarama procedures like patra pottali,pizichal, panda etc are available Well trained staff of Doctors and Panchkarma therapist. Well appointed luxurious rooms of panchkarma therapy for those who want the best