Shalakyatantra is an Important Branch of Ayurved dealing with the diseases & Treatment of Netra(Eye), Karna(Ear) , Nasa(Nose) , Mukha(Oral cavity) & Shira(Head). This Branch is given Prime Importance Among the 8 Branches of Ayurved. Again in this Netra Roag Vigyana is Having Utmost Importance Because if Vision is lost A Blind Man though Rich Can not Enjoy The World So it is Explained that “Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam.”

This science uses a lots of ‘Shalaka’ which means probe which justifies the name Shalakya tantra.

  • To conduct practical confirmation & assessment of theoretical knowledge is successfully.
  • To popularize the treatments of Kriyakalpas like Tarpana Aaschotana, Anjana, Bidalaka Which are Speciality of Netra Roag Treatment & Nasya, Gandush, Dhoompana, Karnapooran, Shirodhara which form the basis of karna, nasa, mukha Roga.
  • To provide affordable model health care to masses of all strata, facilitate state of art teaching, training and research.